Mildew Removal

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Foundation & Walkways


Is your house or deck in need of a thorough washing? Be careful. Not everyone who says they can power wash knows what they’re doing. Even many seasoned painters don’t know how to power wash. It’s not how high the pressure is or how hard the house is hit with the water that cleans the house. The key is the combination of a light bleach solution/mildew removers, the wait time for them to work, and a light rinsing off of the dirt and remainder of the solution.
An inexperienced individual will shoot the water into the wood or under the shingles/clapboards and actually cause your future paint job to peel as the moisture has to slowly fight its way back out through that new paint job that has just been completed. That means that all the preparation and the best products in the world can be ruined by someone who doesn’t fully understand the proper procedure of removing dirt, salt, mildew, etc…
Rainbow Painting Co. has power washed hundreds of homes and businesses in the local area. We have been at this for a long time. Let us get at that dirt, salt, mildew, etc..and make your home or deck sparkle again. Let us come by for a free estimate.